We are proud to partner with Walmart and their associates for their Summer Safety Days

Special thanks to Katie, Brad, Matt and the Walmart Foundation for their generosity. They donated $10,000 to FORTRESS!

Officers brought the two SWAT Armored Vehicles: the Bear and the Bearcat. Kids were able to check out the inside of each and poke their heads out of the turret hatch to catch a glimpse of what it’s like to be a SWAT Operator.

Our board members handed out balloons, stickers, coasters, magnets and treats to community members who came by. The weather behaved for both days and we were able to greet families outside in the parking lots.

Walmart is a wonderful asset to Anchorage and we are honored to work with them. Their charitable giving never stops and we appreciate any chance to partner with such a beacon of generosity. Thank you, Walmart!

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